Journal of Kerbala University

Author Guides for Manuscript

  • The researchers must produce 4 copies (3 without name of researcher and 1 with name in English and Arabic languages , field of research ,mobile number, Email and check).
  • The title and abstract of research  must write in both Arabic and English language and the abstract must not more than 250 word.

Manuscript Formatting Guidelines

  • Use word 2007 or 2010 to write research and not use scanner photo.
  • The page layout should be (2)cm .
  • The font should be of (16 bold),Time New Roman, subtitles of (14 bold) and the context (12).
  • The space should be single, indentation should not be, as 0 before, 0 after and spacing is single, as 0 before, 0 after.
  • There should be no decoration and borders.
  • Use tables to write poetic verses.
  • Reference must write between two big brackets [] .
  • Figure must be colored, put it in text box and view it in the end of the research.
  • Margins write in the end of the research.
  • References should be at the end of each research and should be listed in the order in which they appear in the manuscript text.
  • The pages never exceed 25 pages.
  • Attach what supports the percentage of invocation.
  • Any research that lacks the above conditions will be neglected.


The author has to submit fee 100000 for Professor,  75000for  Assistant prof. and 50000 for Lecturer to get the manuscript published with the Journal.